In order to continuously update a user's account data, Ecominate must periodically fetch various reports from Amazon's API. Depending on the specific email notifications that are preset on Seller Central, a user may experience dozens of identical emails coming from Amazon as a result of Ecominate continuously fetching more data reports. The result could look something like this:

In order to stop receiving these emails, the email notifications within Seller Central must be changed such that you're no longer sent emails for various reports that are fetched on your behalf. 

To stop receiving these emails just follow these steps (screenshots are included at the bottom of this article for extra help):

  1. Login to Seller Central 
  2. Hover the mouse on Settings (top right of the screen)
  3. Click on Notification Preferences 
  4. Scroll down to the Reports section and click on the edit button
  5. Un-tick the "Open Listings Report" option (Or any other report type that is mentioned in the email you are getting.)
  6. Click on Save

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