1. Creating an Account on Ecominate

In order to create an Ecominate account, new users must first click the "Login With Amazon" button on our sign up page. Ecominate prefers layering sign ups on top of Amazon since it is more secure and familiar. Ecominate does have the ability to allow for guest access and alternative logins which will be covered later in this series.

2. Linking You Seller Account

After clicking the Sign In With Amazon button, you'll be taken to a familiar screen that is actually identical to how you would normally sign in to Seller Central. In the screen below, please enter the username and password for the seller account you want to link to Ecominate. If you're prompted to give Ecominate access to your Amazon profile information please click accept (this will give Ecominate access to your advertisement data).

3. Entering Developer Credentials

Once you've successfully logged in through Amazon, you'll be taken to the on-boarding screen inside Ecominate. The main purpose of this screen is to finalize the permissions that Ecominate needs in order to start requesting the data from Amazon to run the application. Click the "authorize on Seller Central" button on the on-boarding page where you will be asked to authorize Ecominate as a developer. After agreeing to the terms please grab the "Seller ID" and "MWS Auth Token" from the confirmation screen (shown in yellow below) and enter them in the input boxes and click "Finish".

4. Waiting For Your Account To Finish On-boarding

Now that you've finished on-boarding your account. Ecominate will begin the process of fetching, storing, and parsing your data from the past 365 days. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the number of SKUs and order volume of your account. The waiting screen below gives you an accurate representation as to what step Ecominate is currently on. Once your account is ready to be accessed, we will sent you an email. Please remain patient during this process but if after 24 hours, your account is still on the waiting screen, please contact us.


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