Two different categorizations for fees (Order Date vs Posted Date)

Ecominate is regularly fetching order reports from Amazon and also requesting and structuring the corresponding transactions / fees associated with those orders. Ecominate uses the MWS (Marketplace Web Service) API to do this and the data is received in two different states, pending and actualized. To understand the difference, a pending transaction is one where the order may show up on Amazon but the actual underlying transactions (order principal, FBA per-unit fees, commission, etc.) have not yet been "posted" to the settlement. Conversely, an actualized or "posted" transaction is one that shows up on your settlement. 

Why Does This Even Matter?

The point is that for ever order that's placed there's an associated "order date" where that order is still in the pending state and when it is converted and realized on your settlement that collection of order related transactions receives a "posted date". It's important to note though that many non-order related fees only have one posted date as there is never a "pending" period for storage fees for example. For accounting purposes, a seller should be only concerned with the "posted date" of a transaction since that is the data that is actually posted on the settlement. However, there may be multi day difference between the order date and the posted date of an order which means that on order from December 1st may not be posted on the settlement until December 4th.

Which data is used where?

Since some data, primarily order related transactions, have both a posted date and an order date, Ecominate displays only posted date related data on any and all accounting tools such as your settlements and profit and loss reports. Since the sales analytics suite is removed from your accounting system, we instead use the order date transactions to populate that. To sum, all of your sales analytics and dashboard data uses "order dates" that reflect profit estimates since some of the active orders have not been posted to your settlement.

Noting the difference as seen in Ecominate (two different parts of the app under the same date range illustrating a data discrepancy)

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