How Ecominate fetches PPC data

When you initially Login with Amazon and link your Amazon account, Ecominate receives Amazon Advertising API permissions and we begin fetching your PPC data (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display) during the last step of the on-boarding process. Due to Amazon's API limitations, Ecominate is only able to fetch your PPC data going back 60 days from the day you on-boarded. What this means is that Ecominate can only get highly detailed PPC metrics or "Daily PPC" metrics from the previous 60 days that you on-boarded and any days thereafter. Since we are unable to fetch PPC data prior to your daily PPC start date, it must be manually entered. 

Why does the 60 day limit even matter?

The 60 day PPC limit matters because it means that Ecominate is unable to ever get daily or campaign specific PPC data through the API, unless it is manually entered by the user (we go over how to do this below). Below is a screenshot which shows the PPC portion of a user's profit & loss statement. Notice that this account on-boarded sometime in early January and thus only has PPC data going back to early November (i.e. 60 days back). Further, notice how the entire month of October appears to not have any PPC data at all. Obviously, this is wrong and the point is to demonstrate where this problem arises.

What can be done? We add historic PPC!

As mentioned above, once you on-board Ecominate attached a starting Daily PPC date. Any PPC data prior to this date should be manually entered using the process shown in the video below.

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