Explanation of Account Mapping page

After linking your Xero or QuickBooks Online account to Ecominate and waiting until your chart of accounts and settlements are loaded, you will now have access to the "Account Mapping" page and the "Settlement Integration" page. Let's take a look at what you should be seeing: 

  1. The transaction type column lists all of the transaction types that show up in the loaded settlements that Ecominate fetched from Amazon. This page serves as the master mapping that you will use to map various transaction types to their corresponding accounts from your chart of accounts. 
  2. The account name column has a dropdown that is populated with your chart of accounts and you will need to map the corresponding transaction types to the appropriate accounts.

Running through an example

The first entry on the table reads "Commission (Order ItemFees)". If you hover over the tooltip you'll see that this refers to "Commission and referral fees collected by Amazon for selling on their platform. This is typically a fixed percentage of the sale price"

This transaction type is fairly common and in this example it make sense to map it to the "FBA Transaction (Order) Fees" account that was pulled in from Xero. By navigating to the account name column, we can click the dropdown corresponding account.  

Once you click the account that you wish to map to, the row will trickle to the bottom of the page and will no longer be highlighted red. Continue this process until all of the accounts are mapped. If you're unsure of what a particular transaction type refers to even after checking the tooltip, please ask your tax professional or send us a support email. 

Next Steps

After you are done mapping all of the existing transaction types to their corresponding accounts, it's important to click save. You should be seeing something like this:

Please note:

  1. Once you click save these mappings will be applied to all of the settlements you have inside Ecominate. The mappings will be used to send journal entries or invoices to your accounting system.
  2. You can always change a particular mapping if you like by simply selecting a different account. If you've previously sent settlements with the incorrect mappings you would need to undo that inside your accounting system and resend them inside Ecominate. 
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