Connecting to QuickBooks

After on-boarding your account with Ecominate, it is now time to link your accounting system. Ecominate integrates with either Xero and QuickBooks and allows users to reconcile amazon settlement bank statements against summarized transaction invoices or journal entries. Before integrating with your accounting system it's important to notice that without doing so, you will not have access to the settlement integration, COGS, or accounts mapping pages, or any other related pages that will be added in the future. Instead you will be shown this screen:

  1. After clicking the "Connect to QuickBooks" button, you'll be taken to the following screen where you must sign in to your QuickBooks Online account that is connected to the bank account receiving the Amazon settlement deposits. 

2. After signing in, it's important to make sure to select the correct QuickBooks company and connect it to Ecominate by clicking the "Next" button.

3. Finally you after clicking the "Next" button, you'll be taken to this waiting screen that will be removed once all of your relevant data from Amazon and QuickBooks has been fetched and parsed.

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