Ecominate has two login system

The "Sign In with Amazon" option is how you first create an account on Ecominate. This option creates an Ecominate account using the login credentials of your Amazon account. It is important to note that a user is not able to login to Ecominate with the username and password that's used on Seller Central, they must use the Sign in with Amazon option OR create a guest account. Once your account has been created, you have the option of making a guest account for any number of VAs, accountants, partners or employees. The "Sign in with a guest account" option was created for the purpose of allowing guest users to sign in to Ecominate.

How to create a guest account

  1. To create a guest account, navigate to the settings page where there is a "Guest Users" table. 

    2. Click the "Add Guest User" button and enter the username and password for the          guest user.

      3. Click create and the as long as the username and password confirm to      Ecominate guidelines, the new guest user should be added to the table.

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