How does Ecominate keep track of what settlements were sent to QuickBooks?

On the "Settlement Integration" and "Cost of Goods Sold" pages there is a history button.

When clicked, this history button reveals a table that lists all of the settlements / COGS summaries that were sent through Ecominate.

What happens if I made a mistake? How can I tell?

Let's suppose that we accidentally send over the same settlement three times. Inside the Sent Settlements table we should see the mistake right away. Notice the three identical entries.

Unfortunately, these three entries do also show up on QuickBooks.

How to delete these settlements

If you notice that there are duplicate entries or you realize you've made a mistake but you've already sent the settlement, there are two options for deleting settlements.

  • Deleting inside QuickBooks: To delete a Journal Entry inside QuickBooks navigate to the Journal from the report tab on the side bar. From there, locate the journal and select it to open it up. Then click the "More" button and finally the "Delete" button. 
  • Deleting inside Ecominate: To delete an incorrect settlement summary from inside Ecominate is surprisingly easy. Simply open up the "Sent Settlement History" table by clicking the history button.

All you need to do is click the "Delete in QuickBooks" button for each of the settlements that you want to delete.

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