Why are some of my settlements missing?

Ecominate attempts to fetch all of your settlement reports using Amazon’s MWS API. Some settlements may not be accessible to Ecominate until they are manually requested through seller central. If you have just connected your accounting system to Ecominate, it will take 1-2 hours before your settlements begin to appear. As soon as a successful connection has been made to your accounting system, Ecominate begins fetching your available settlements from Amazon and will display them in the settlements table as seen below.

I've already connected but some settlements are missing. How do I make them available for download?

Amazon does not make all of your settlements immediately available to download. Some must be manually requested to make them available. Follow these steps to request unavailable settlements:

1. Go to Amazon Seller Central > Reports > Payments > All Statements. There you will see a table of recent settlements. Any settlements that has a "Download Flat File V2" button should be available to Ecominate for direct download. If the "Download Flat File V2" button is available for a settlement, but that settlement is not available on Ecominate, please send us an email at (info@ecominate.com)

2. To request settlements, please click the "Request Report" button for missing settlement. This will make them available to Ecominate and we will then process the settlements. Within 24 hours, the requested settlements will be available in Ecominate.

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