How to access your settlements inside Ecominate

Your settlements can be found by navigating to the "Settlement Integrations" page under the "Accounting Tools" tab. Once on that page you should see a table listing the most recent settlements.

How to review a settlement

Ecominate advises all user to quickly review each settlement before sending it to your accounting system. To review settlement simply click the down arrow icon under the "Actions" column. The details modal for each settlement summarizes what is being sent to QuickBooks and then the dropdown reveals the individual line item mappings that make up the transaction. Make sure that each of the transaction types is mapped to the appropriate account from your chart of accounts. If you're not sure, you can always change the mappings or ask your accountant / tax professional.

How to send a settlement

Once all of the accounts are properly mapped inside Ecominate and you're ready to send over the Journal Entry, click the "Send to QuickBooks" button that can be found on the settlements table and the details modal. Once the settlement is successfully sent, you will see the following notification.


How to reconcile inside of QuickBooks

In QuickBooks Online, the transaction shows up as a journal entry in the Bank register, where it can then be reconciled against the corresponding deposit from your bank statement. QuickBooks should automatically try to find the matching journal entry for the bank deposit. If that is the case, you should see something like this:

Once you click match, everything should be reconciled properly.

I sent over my settlement inside Ecominate but it wasn't automatically matched

In this case you will need to manually match the journal entries to the bank statement inside QuickBooks. Click the "Find match" option so that you can select the proper statements to reconcile against.

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