If you are selling in multiple marketplaces with different currencies (i.e. a USA based seller selling in Canada as well, then Amazon is likely converting funds from the marketplace currency (CAD) to the currency of your home currency (USD). Ecominate parses foreign currencies and allows you to send foreign denominated settlements to your accounting system with the conversion happening inside of Xero. In order to get this to work inside Xero, you must subscribe to the Xero Premium plan. Follow the instructions below to enable multiple currencies:

Step 1:  Navigate to setting using the dropdown in the top left of the navigation bar in Xero.

Step 2: Click on the currencies option. (Note: you may be forced to upgrade to a higher subscription plan)

3. Click "Add Currency" and add any additional currencies

Now that you have added support for multiple currencies, it is time to send them to Xero and reconcile a settlement in a foreign currency.


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