Sellers that operate in more than one marketplace will notice that Ecominate always lists settlements in the currency of the marketplace in which the transactions took place. This means that settlements from the EU marketplaces will be denominated in the Euro (€) but settlements from the UK marketplace will be denominated in GBP (£). Amazon does allow sellers the option to automatically convert settlements to a preferred currency. However, if that option is not enabled then by default Xero will not recognize that a £10,000 payment from should actually be matched with a bank statement of $13,000 inside Xero. 

Let's walk through an example where an American based seller sells on (Canada) and has the following settlement:

1. Notice the above payout of the settlement is CAD $33.45 which is then converted by Amazon and sent to Xero as USD $24.45. The screenshot below then should what this settlement would look like inside Ecominate. 

2. Note that the settlement is denominated in the marketplace currency which is CAD. Once we click send to Xero, the settlement is then sent to Xero and will show up denominated in CAD as shown below.

3. In order to match the USD $24.45 to the CAD $33.45 click the "Find and Match" button and UNCHECK THE "Show USD items only" box. From there find the marketplace value sent from Ecominate and match it against the bank statement to finish the process.

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