What are Estimated Fees?

If you've spend any amount of time selling on Amazon you will notice that it takes several days for an order to transfer from the "pending" status to the "payment complete" status. Once an order status changes, the order's associated fees, like Amazon's commission, are applied to your bi-monthly settlement. In the case of Ecominate, while an incoming order remains in the "pending" status, Ecominate estimates the order's fees and uses that data for the profit analytics features. Then, once the order status finally changes, the estimated fees are replaced with the real fees posted on the settlement from the corresponding order.

Where are estimated fees relevant?

Estimated fees are used on the profit analytics features like the detailed breakdown found on the dashboard and product breakdown pages. Notice that the "Estimated Pending Fees" portion is separated from the rest of the expenses. This is done purposefully to separate estimated fees from posted fees. As time progresses and more of the orders included in the date range convert to the "payment complete" status, you will notice that the "Estimated Pending Fees" begin to make up a decreasing percentage of the overall expenses. This is because the "Estimated Pending Fees" are being replaced by the real fees that are now available to Ecominate once the status of the order changes.

Ecominate automatically calculates a fee estimates for each of the products in your catalog. This estimate can be found in the "Estimated Fees" column on the "Product Settings" page.

My estimated fees are incorrect how do I change them?

Ecominate calculates a Referral Fee and an Estimated Fulfillment Fee (when applicable). The Referral Fee portion is calculated by multiplying the default commission set at 15% by the listing price. For FBA products, Ecominate pulls in the dimensions of the SKU and calculates the associated fee per the item's sizing tier. In case there are any discrepancies, both the referral fee percentage and fulfillment fees amount can be modified on per-SKU basis in two ways:

1.) Edit either portion of the estimated fee by clicking the "Product Settings" button on the "actions" column on the "Product Settings" page

2.) Edit the estimated fee portions in bulk using a CSV upload.
On the top right corner of the inventory table on the "Product Settings" page, click the blue "Bulk Upload" button. From there, download a CSV template containing all of your SKUs and edit the "EstimatedFees.FulfillmentFees" and "EstimatedFees.ReferralFee" columns.

Do estimated fees affect any of the accounting data?
No. All of the features in the "Accounting Tools" tab do not use any estimated fee data. The only data applied on these pages is data that has been applied to your bi-weekly settlement.

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